How to Get Approved for a Contract Phone if You Have Bad Credit

Like many services you wish to enroll to, your credit score will be the first one that the service provider will look into, to ensure that you are capable of paying your bills on time. A mobile contract is no different, since the company would like to be guaranteed timely payments. If you were having trouble getting accepted for a postpaid subscription, here’s a few factors that could affect your chances of a successful application.


Depending on your credit situation, a deposit may be required before you can get approved for a mobile phone contract in order to limit the company’s risk. In addition, this deposit amount cannot be withdrawn until after a specified time period in your contract, like 12 months for example, or until after you’ve finished the contract. Depending on your policy, this time period may also reset with every late payment, and some companies may not even return your money at all, so make sure to read carefully what your policy says.

Cheap Handsets

Cheaper phones have lower risks associated with them for the company, so getting a cheap phone rather than the most coveted smartphones will bring you closer to approval. This can also avoid the need for deposits if you’re going for the cheapest plans and models.

Sim Only

If you don’t like the idea of depositing money to get a plan, a sim only contract might be a perfect alternative. Since there’s no phone included with a sim only plan, the company would be taking very little risk in providing you with the service. In addition, sim only plans usually have the cheapest rates which you can benefit from especially if you need a lot of credits.


Direct Application

What brings misinformed people to unnecessary rejections is applying through third party retailers, which have less to offer when it comes to serving people with bad credit. On the other hand, applying directly with the network companies who will be providing you with the services you need will further improve your chances of approval. In the UK, companies like O2, T-Mobile, and Orange are just a few of the companies who offer programs specifically for people with far from perfect credit scores.

Phones on Finance

Financing your phone is another welcome solution if you can’t get the handset you want on a contract. If you’re too particular with your device, and a low to mid-range phone will do you no good, then financing might be perfect for you. You might be paying for a little more with no credit check companies, but this is particularly useful if you have no lump sum deposit to spare. In addition, if you want to still signup for a contract, you can opt for a sim only plan and use it with your new gadget. You might find that applying for both separately will be a lot easier.

Benefits of a Mobile Phone Contract

People have different preferences on how to use their mobile phones. If you are still undecided whether to opt for pay as you go or for a mobile phone contract, here are a few reasons why you should consider postpaid.

It is cheaper. Pay as you go schemes are known to have higher call charges and tariffs. You may find a contract phone more cost effective in the long run, especially if you are a heavy user.

It is convenient. With a contract, you don’t have to worry about running out of credits, because any excess usage will be charged on top of your bill and you can pay it later. However, in order to put some control on your overspending, you may also want to customize your plan from the beginning. Companies today offer various packages, so whether you want more calls or more texts, you can set them up in advance and save more.

You can avoid the hefty payments. The problem with prepaid is that, in most cases, you buy the phone outright, and buy your credits every time. With a contract, you get the phone and the credits at the same time and you can pay for them together in affordable monthly installments.

More handset choices. With a contract, you can get the newest handsets first, which aren’t offered yet by other retailers.


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